At the 2015 Cape Chamber Annual Dinner, Paula Myers, was awarded the Ambassador of the Year award for the fifth year. Needless to say, Alliance Bank is proud of their Vice President, Consumer Lender, for this marked achievement. Myers won the award in 2006, 2009, 2010, and 2012. You may have heard it referred to as the “Go-Getter Award,” which was its past title.

As Kim Voelker, the Chamber’s Membership Development Specialist, stated, the award is “a very competitive process.” Chamber Ambassadors are awarded points for attending networking events and recruiting new members… to name just a few activities. So finding time during their regular work day to do Chamber work can sometimes be challenging. Myers has found a way to make this “volunteering” pay off for her in conjunction with her bank responsibilities. “Business development is just part of the job,” stated Myers. “And I am lucky the bank allows me the freedom to volunteer while I am making sales calls.”

On a personal note, when Paula is not at the bingo hall, she and her husband Frank, stay busy breeding golden retrievers. Clients for their dog business sometimes surface because of friendships Myers has made through her Chamber efforts and Alliance Bank duties. Weekends are very fun at the Myers household. They enjoy spending time with their granddaughter, Lexi, who is learning to cook from her grandma. Congratulations to Paula – our own Go-Getter.

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