Planning a vacation doesn’t happen overnight: You’ve been relentlessly searching for hotels with the best reviews, the cheapest way to get there, and the best things to do to make it epic. With all this time and effort put into planning the perfect trip, the last thing you want is an unexpected issue with your bank account: Here’s how to prepare for not only the perfect vacation; but a worry-free vacation!

  1. Vacation Savings Account

    Having a separate savings account solely for your vacation is a great way to make sure you have the funds to make your trip everything you want it to be. When you try to save in an existing account that you often see, it can tempt you to make an impulse purchase with the extra funds you have worked hard to save.

  2. Put Your Savings in A Short-Term Certificate of Deposit (CD)

    If you’re struggling with the willpower to stay away from your savings, a short-term CD could be the perfect option for you. If you start saving your money in a savings account, and you know in a few months you’ll have to start making reservations and deposits for your trip, you can move that money from your savings into a CD. This will keep your money a little safer from impulse buys, and will make it more difficult for you to withdraw it early (because of possible early withdrawal penalties).

  3. Use Our Mobile Banking Services to Stay Ahead
    When you’re away, it’s easy to lose touch with reality! If the unthinkable happens, and your card is lost or stolen, you can turn your debit card off on our mobile app before anyone gets to use it. Mobile banking is accessible with any smart device and can also help you avoid missed or late payments, monitor your account activity and manage your budget for the rest of your trip!
  4. Cover All of Your Bases
    Unexpected account settings aren’t something you want to find out about while trying to relax! Make sure you know if you have a spending limit on your debit card before you go away to keep from having an unexpected hold on your account. Next: Let us know when you’re leaving! We offer comprehensive fraud protection that is quick and easy: Just let us know when you are leaving and when you plan to return, and we will monitor your debit card activity while you are enjoying your trip out of state or out of the U.S.
  5. Count On Us to Solve Any Issues While You’re Away
    You can count on Alliance to solve any problems that may arise while you’re enjoying your trip. We will let you know if we see any suspicious activity so you don’t have to monitor your account, and we will make replacing a lost or stolen card as easy as possible!

Now that you’re financially prepared for the ultimate getaway; you can enjoy your summer vacations knowing Alliance Bank has your back. If you have additional questions, we would love to answer them. Ask a banker here!